The team

  • Ecocity Builders

    Ecocity Builders reshapes cities for the long-term health of humans and natural systems.

    In 1990, Richard Register organized the 1st ECOCITY world conference in Berkeley (California). He founded Ecocity Builders in 1992. 

    Its mission is to propose studies and analyses and to develop toolkits and training to promote healthier urban policies.  

    Together with the Urban Ecology Movement, Ecocity Builders revisits environmental urban planning, design, ecology, education, public policies and citizen participation towards healthier cities. 

    Every second year, Ecocity Builders chooses a city to host the next edition among a number of bidding cities. In September 2011, during the Montreal Conference, the city of Nantes won the competition.

    More info on Ecocity Builders

  • Nantes Métropole

    Editorial management by Nantes Métropole, European Green Capital 2013.

    Following in the footsteps of Stockholm, Hambourg and Victoria-Gasteiz, Nantes is European Green Capital 2013, preceding Copenhagen in 2014

    Every year, the European Commission honours a city for its exemplary commitment to public policies towards urban development with high environmental standards and better quality of life.

    It is in this context that Nantes decided to bid to host ECOCITY which will represent one of the major highlights of the 2013 events programme.  

    Nantes Métropole is responsible for the editorial management of the event while La Cité Nantes Events is entrusted with the production of the Conference.

    More info on Nantes European Green Capital

    More info on Nantes Métropole 

    Nantes by ICLEI

  • La Cité

    Production by La Cité, Nantes events center, A high-performing public company that is responsible, international and that continually serves its region.

    A public company : La Cité has strengthened its ties with the region after becoming a Local Public Company in November 2011. 

    A high-performing company : La Cité has reinforced its international activities along with its partnership strategy. It also shows an ambitious innovation agenda.  

    A responsible company : La Cité continues to uphold and strengthen its commitments to CSR and sustainability.

    The change in status provided an occasion for collective reflection with La Cité’s various stakeholders (clients, shareholders, local authorities, suppliers and staff). As a result, la Cité’s teams came out with new strategic directions for the period 2012-2015:  

    - Consolidation of the company’s policies in the fields of CSR and excellence,

    - Innovation and investment to make the services on offer more attractive,

    - Better international recognition,

    - Focus on targeting, cooperation and communication,

    - Development of a cultural strategy to serve the territory.

    These directions together with a strong requirement for « sustainable » performance and transparency have made La Cité an attractive and influential venue.  
    They reflect the high expertise that was built up within the company over the past 20 years.

    More info on La Cité Nantes Events Center

  • Thomas QUERO

    Editorial manager

    International networks, sustainable development, climate change officer at Nantes Métropole.

  • Annie-Claude Thiolat

    Project manager

    Eco-advisor and carbon auditor at La Cité Nantes Events Center

  • Evelyne Saury

    Assistant project manager

    Global coordination and Programme
    Speakers and assistants coordination. Programme follow-up
    Secretariat services for committees and working groups
    Administrative and financial follow-up

  • Marine Morvant

    Assistant to speakers coordinator

    Assistant to speakers coordinator
    Files management    
    Speakers coordination
    Ticketing and accommodation
    Carbon footprint preparation
    Newsletter assistant    

  • Emmanuelle Helsens

    Communications manager

    Communication manager
    Global communication
    Communication tools and supports      
    Website administrator and community manager
    Newsletter manager Gestion de la newsletter
    Press relations with project manager

  • Violaine Béasse

    Intern – Programme / Speakers

    Support with speakers
    Assistance with programme
    Link  between programme coordinators, project manager and project assistant
    Assistance with contributions and programme
    Assistance with programme implementation 

  • Antoine Guéron

    Assistant programme coordinator

    Link between programme coordinators, project manager and project assistant
    Assistance with contributions and programme
    Assistance with programme implementation

  • Chloé Dutilleul

    Intern – Management division

    Assistance with project administration       
    Schedule management         
    File management
    Registration desk during the event  

  • Alison Jardon

    Intern - Communication

    Assistance with communication tools
    Assistance  with web contents
    Assistance with press review
    Community management  


  • José Villarin Díaz

    Intern - International relations

    Press review and preparation of the ECOCITY book
    Coordination with the various international organisations (UN Habitat, UNEP, FAO, ICLEI, UCLG)
    Coordination of partnership agreements (finance, press and goods)
    Assistance in terms of relations with international speakers, assistance with formalities with non-European delegates
    Support for the coordination of rapporteurs/draftsmen of theprogramme sessions

  • Julien Dossier

    Programme coordinator

    Programme coordination
    Programme Committee
    Identification of speakers

  • Alain Retière

    Programme coordinator

    Programme coordination      
    Programme Committee coordination
    Identification of speakers   

  • Jacques Fath

    Media commercial services

    In charge of the media commercial services and exhibitors at Ecocity 2013.

Service providers

  • Catherine LEFAIVRE-SHAH


    Making you feel GLOBAL! Anglocom helps you communicate effectively in English and French when conducting international business.
    Working across all business and public sectors, Anglocom is a communication skills consultancy:
    - Written communication (proposals, press releases, web sites, reports, articles, brochures, etc…)
    - Coaching (customized solutions to overcome language barriers)
    - Cross-cultural training (workshops and seminars)
    Whatever your project, you are given personal attention, consistent quality, efficient solutions and a smile…

    Anglocom website

  • Vu par ...

    Communication agency

  • Communication&Compagnie

    Press agency

    Agence de relations presse

  • Cabinet Traduction

    Cabinet Traduction

  • Elo A.

    Agency specialized in editorial communication and media relations

    Elo.A, agency specialized in editorial communication and media relations.
    Elodie Ancelin is in charge of the regional press relations for Ecocity and also writes the newsletters dedicated to the event.

    Elo A. website