Contribute to the challenge of sustainable cities.

Sustainable cities, a global issue

More than 50% of the world population live in cities. Cities crystallize the challenges of sustainable development in the context of an ecological, financial and societal crisis: water, food, energy, greenhouse gas emissions, waste, social relationships, jobs, land, biodiversity and ecological footprint. Only the sum of local solutions will produce global effects...

Cities need to face up the challenge

There is an urgent need to act on a number of indicators which have reached critical thresholds, notably emissions of greenhouse gases, water and biodiversity of which cities are the main source. How can cities initiate and accelerate their ecological transition in the difficult current context? How can they contribute in deploying global and local solutions on the scale of these challenges? Where can they find the means ?

Your action in the heart of the cities is decisive. This call for contribution is for you !

The programme of ECOCITY 2013 is based on 4 priority challenges for sustainable cities.





Who can contribute ?

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