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CITEGO Cities Territories Governance

CITEGO: For a transition towards sustainable territories and societies
A documentary webplatform about cities, territories and governance.

All over the world, in spite of the obvious differences of context, cities and territories are facing similar challenges. And new, innovative solutions are appearing almost everywhere, and are gaining ground. Sharing stories and experience is therefore a major means of moving forward and gaining inspiration from the successes, and adapting what works to different contexts, as well as learning lessons from what has failed.

CITEGO aims to provide a tool for collective intelligence, and serve those actors involved in cities and citizens, helping them to discover and analyse the most significant experiences, and understand changes that occur, especially in the way of approaching and building an overall vision of what is changing in urban policies; it aims to do this by systematically supporting concrete case studies. • CITEGO c/o FPH, 38 St Sabin, 75011 Paris France

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