LEGO® Build the change

"Build the change" with LEGO® from 25 to 29 September

A partner of ECOCITY, LEGO® will bring 1 million LEGO® blocks for children to build their sustainable city during the whole week. From schools and high schools to leisure centres and families, 3,500 to 4,000 children are expected to take part in this gigantic construction work!


This special event aims to :

  • Give children a voice in the design of the sustainable city
  • Go away from La Cité to take ECOCITY into the city centre
  • Bring a visual and playful dimension into the ECOCITY productions
  • Use a recreational framework to provide a space for citizen participation
  • Promote the partners involved and propose an original format that will be of interest to the media
  • Facilitate exchanges / dialogues between the various actors of the sustainable city (schools, developers, prospectivists, architects, students, urban planners, sociologists…)

Fancy participating?

For the registration, phone to 0 892 464 044 (7/7j)… Different time slots are offered for schools, recreation centres, professionals and families.

Video (in English) on "Build the change", the LEGO® workshop held in Copenhagen, on 31 May 2013, during the 24th EFC Annual General Assembly and Conference:


Partners :