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Local environmental taxation: incentives and/or subsidies?

One way to achieve the ecological transition of cities is through taxes. Taxation helps curb urban sprawl, it facilitates behavioural changes and encourages low-carbon employment opportunities. How can we reconcile reduction of the environmental footprint with local solidarity and support for innovation? What is better: having incentives to foster new behavioural patterns and carbon-free activities or introducing higher taxes as a deterrent for some activities?


Hélène LE TÉNO


Vice-Président de la Commission des Finances - Conseil Régional d’Ile de France (EELV), France
President of the think tank Novo Ideo
Réformer la fiscalité locale pour réussir la transition écologique

Anders ROTH
Traffic and Public Transport Authority of Göteborg
Environmental manager
Taxation, incentives or subsidies in Gothenburg?

Chris COOK
Institute for Security & Resilience Studies, University College London
Senior Research Fellow
Energy loans

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