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The high fidelity numerical simulation methods and tools to invent and design more competitive products

Founded in 2002 and based in Gosselies, Cenaero (SME) is an applied research center whose mission is to provide companies involved in technological development and innovation processes with high-fidelity simulation methodologies and tools enabling them to design and create high-performance products. Cenaero progressively performed a technology transfer to fields such in the Building and Energy sectors. Cenaero's Energy & Buildings team is actively involved in the following domains :

Technologies of numerical simulation serve as excellent analysis, design and decision-making tools, enabling engineers, scientists, designers and implementers to imagine and build the world of the future. These technologies are now essential in managing the towns and cities of tomorrow, identifying and preventing natural and industrial risks, developing infrastructure and, as a result, predicting and putting migration strategies in place.

The applications where simulation can help to understand and predict topics, are numerous:

  • Energy and comfort assessment within building, including night-free cooling, ventilation, solar gains and shading characterization
  • Pollutant dispersion and destruction in urban area and industrial sites
  • Concept exploration and multi-objective optimization, based on an in-house optimization tool
  • Fire case and smoke simulations to assess the norm respect
  • HVAC system optimization and integration assessment within building
  • Wind effect on comfort within urban area
  • Wind effect on the mechanical design of bridges, towers and special equipped roofs and facades
  • Wind energy, including dimensioning tools, blade design, wind resource assessment, structural design and manufacturing of metallic and composite elements
  • Urban energy network planning
  • Energy recovery on industrial lines or at the urban scale
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